About me

My name is Bob Braine – I am a photographer.Bob - Southdeans Holiday Camp - c.1966

I live in one of the best known counties of England – Essex – often finding fame and notoriety for the wrong reasons, but it is a great place to live. Close to London, it has provided a great home to me and my family for many years.

I worked in London for most of my life, but had the great fortune to retire early from my previous job – and am now able to follow my passion for photography.

One of the greatest purchases made recently was to upgrade my old Canon camera to a Canon 6D. It is a truly great camera with Full Frame and ability to shoot at a very high ISO (making it possible to take great pictures in low light) – combined with the function to create its own Wi-Fi network which can send pictures directly to an iPad … it truly has been a wonderful purchase.

I am a member of Baddow Camera Club , you can find them and some great photographic work at baddowcameraclub.co.uk 

Bob Braine